What is the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO?

As an accredited CLE provider, VAP offers its volunteer attorneys a resource and learning platform, along with free CLEs through the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO – CLE Program.

This innovative virtual community of practice uses the ECHO model to offer interactive CLE sessions. Each session includes a topic presentation by an attorney who serves as the subject matter expert and a hands-on case presentation that allows participants to address a problem of practice related to the topic presentation.

The mission of the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO is to expand the knowledge and expertise of volunteer attorneys across the state through tele-mentorship while building a collaborative community of practice focused on the legal needs of low-income rural New Mexicans. Together, we hope to empower the pro bono community and ensure New Mexicans can access expert knowledge wherever they live!

By joining the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO – CLE Program

Volunteers gain exclusive access to:

  • An online resource webpage and a learning platform that includes details on past and upcoming CLEs;
  • View CLE recordings; and
  • Download presentation and resource materials.

*The one-time registration to join the platform allows full access to all CLEs offered by the Volunteer Attorney Program of New Mexico Legal Aid. There is no need to register for individual CLE sessions; participants automatically receive reminders for all sessions offered by the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO-CLE Program.

We welcome:

  • Current and new volunteer attorneys interested in attending free CLE sessions;
  • Legal practitioners interested in presenting a CLE on a topic of interest to the legal community; and
  • Case presenters who would like to introduce a case study/problem of practice relating to a topic for discussion.

If you are interested in presenting on a specific topic or submitting a case study/problem of practice, please email vapecho@nmlegalaid.org

Upcoming Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO Sessions

The VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO’s FREE CLE sessions are not your ordinary CLE!

  • Interactive learning sessions
  • Including a Topic Presentation by a Subject Matter Expert and a Hands-On Case Study for discussion;
  • Sharing support, guidance, and feedback with peers;
  • All while using an All Teach/All Learn framework

By joining the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO, participants consent to be added to the VAP volunteer attorney pool and consent to join the project ECHO web-based platform for exclusive access to on-going session material and resources.

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Upcoming 2024 Sessions

Wills & Probate (1 General CLE Credit)

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 from 3:30 – 5:00 PM

Presenter: Judge Carbon-Gaul, Bernalillo County Probate Court

Previously Offered Sessions

CLE recordings, presentation and resource materials are available for individuals enrolled with the VAP Pro Bono Collaborative ECHO- CLE program.

Navigating Foreclosure and Learning its Alternatives 

An explanation of the general foreclosure process with insight as to the creditor’s perspective to help those defending a foreclosure better represent and guide their debtor clients. It will also discuss the alternatives to foreclosure and strategies to help facilitate a pleasurable experience and outcome for those facing foreclosure.


Penelope Quintero, Esq. – Associate Attorney, O’Brien & Padilla, P.C.

Jennifer Isom (Jeannie) –  Attorney, IDEA Law Group, LLC


Adult Guardianship 101, 4-Part Series

  • Part 1: Petition to Hearing
  • Part 2: Appointing the 3 Professionals & Preparing for the Hearing
  • Part 3: Dealing with Family Conflict
  • Part 4: Post-Adjudication Issues

Presenter: Patricia Galindo, Supervising Attorney, Administrative Office of the Courts

  • Part 5: Do You Really Need a Guardian?  Identifying Decision Making Supports


Alice Liu McCoy – Executive Director, New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Council &

Joseph Turk – Office of Guardianship Legal Director, New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Council


Income Tax, 3-Part Series


  • Part 1: Helping Low- & Middle-Income Families Get Their $ From the IRS
  • Part 2: Understanding Income Tax Benefits for Low- & Middle-Income Families
  • Empowering Clients, Part 3: Allocating Income Tax Benefits Between Parents in a Split-Up

Part 4: Post-Adjudication Issues

Presenter: Grace Allison, Staff Attorney and former Director, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, New Mexico Legal Aid

Project ECHO

Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO), or Project ECHO, was originally created as a medical model to tele-mentor doctors across geographic distances. The goal of this model has been to create better outcomes among patients by sharing best practices among doctors treating specific illnesses. This model has since been adapted and is now being used around the globe in other fields, including education and civics.